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Meagan Mooney

Registered Massage Therapist

About Meagan

Meagan has been a Massage Therapist since 2012 when she graduated from Sutherland-Chan School. She loves living and working in the Junction community.

She considers the calming effect of massage on the nervous system to be a very important part in managing stress and enhancing wellbeing. Meagan incorporates deeply relaxing, flowing, rhythmic techniques with deeper specific treatment to address your concerns.

She advocates for maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks to keep you feeling balanced all year. She will offer self care advice or encourage a circle of care to help you on your healing path. Booking ahead is encouraged.

Meagan has been trained in Indie Head Massage and Ayurvedic Face massage and can include these in your treatments. Meagan has advanced training treating headaches, prenatal massage, breast massage and offers Intraoral TMJ treatments.

Meagan is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario.


How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Please make sure that you complete and submit your Massage Therapy Health History Intake form and consent for treatment prior to your appointment. It is a requirement in order to treat you safely.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Preferred methods are e-transfer to or cash. Payment by credit card can be accepted with a $5 surcharge. You will receive a RMT receipt after payment is made which you can submit to your insurance provider.
How will I feel after my massage therapy treatment?
Most often clients tell me that they love the balance of a specific treatment for areas of concern and flowing Swedish massage for relaxation and walk out feeling better than they did coming in. 
Do I need to wear a mask?
Masking is no longer required in health care facilities as per Ontario guidelines. I will continue to wear a mask for my clients who prefer it. If you would prefer to wear a mask and do not have one, I will provide you with a clean medical grade mask at no extra cost.
Is there Parking?
Street parking is available on either side of the street for the Nurture Wellness location. This location is also close to High Park Station.
What is your cancellation policy?
24 Hours is required for cancellation. Late cancellations are subject to a fee of 50% of the treatment fee. No shows are subject to a 100% fee charge. If you are unwell, please contact me to reschedule your appointment. The earlier you let me know is appreciated so that I can fill the spot.


Indian Scalp Massage / Coming Soon

The techniques of the ancient Indian Scalp Massage are known to relax the nervous system and mind, help with headaches, improve sleep and help to reduce any tension held in your head and neck. Oil is used in a relaxing and flowing Swedish neck and shoulder massage and Ayurvedic techniques are used for the face massage with a nourishing face oil. Hot towels are incorporated into this treatment. 

30 minutes - $105

45 minutes -$125

30 min Indian Scalp Massage Add on to 1 hour Massage -$75 

Breast Massage

There are so many influences that affect the way we view our breasts from pop culture, life experiences and societal views. Consider that breast tissue is made up of adipose tissue (fat), connective tissue, lymphatic vessels, glands, ducts and ligaments. There are muscles that run underneath the breasts: pectoralis major and minor and serratus anterior.

The lymph nodes (located at the sides of the breasts and in the armpits) are responsible for tissue drainage and can become congested for a number of reasons including slouched posture (rounded shoulders), tight or ill fitting bras (bras that dig in and/or leave a red mark) or chest bindings, medical treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and removal of lymph nodes, as well as scar tissue (after surgery or injury) and edema (chronic congestion in the tissue). Daily stress and shallow breathing can also lead to restricted lymphatic flow. The lymph system works through movement of the body as it doesn't have its own pump like the circulatory system - it runs alongside our blood vessels. Breast massage can be a part of a flowing massage to encourage the circulation and movement of lymph (drainage). Breast massage is an important part of breast health. 

Indications for breast massage:

• congestion
• edema
• scar tissue
• surgery or trauma
• to have the feeling of a complete full body massage
• circulation (drainage)
• pre or post natal

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time where many hormonal changes create constant flux in our bodies, affecting us physically and emotionally. Regular massage therapy treatments can be so beneficial in keeping up with these changes and I recommend monthly (or as needed) treatments for the first 7 months, then more frequently in the final stages of pregnancy.

In addition to the Sutherland-Chan school prenatal massage training, I have completed the TRIMESTERS massage therapy for pregnancy course. I have also completed Tanya Meyers, RMT pregnancy tutorial for RMTs. I am passionate about the benefits of prenatal massage. After a massage you will feel more relaxed, sleep better, the edema in your feet will reduce, hip pain eased, neck and shoulder pain and headaches helped. 

Pregnancy Massage Therapy can help to: 

• To decrease stress levels
• Increase relaxation and improve sleep
• Improve circulation and reduce edema
• Improve mobility
• Decrease Headaches and neck pain
• Decrease Leg cramps, muscle cramps
• Decrease Sciatic Nerve Pain

 TMJ Treatment

TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joint”. These joints connect your lower jaw to your skull. They act like a hinge which helps you with movements like talking and chewing.

Temporomandibular disorders, or TMD, are disorders of these joints or the associated nerves and jaw muscles. These disorders have several different causes, ranging from jaw injuries to teeth grinding and more. TMD usually affects one side of your jaw more than the other, or it might only affect one side.

About a third of the population experiences at least one symptom of TMD. Massage can be a great tool to help relieve the discomfort of TMJD.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction include:

• Jaw pain
• Pain when eating or chewing
• Popping or clicking noises when opening or closing your mouth
• Headaches
• Soreness in jaw muscles
• Pain in the temples
• Earaches

The Nurture Nook 

The Nurture Nook is a lovely massage studio located in a house on a quiet residential street in the west end of Toronto. Street parking is available, bike parking is also available (just tuck it alongside the house) and we are a short walk from High Park subway station. We always have snacks, tea, coffee and water available. You are welcome to arrive a few minutes before or stay after your appointment to use the amenities of the lounge area, it's a very cozy space to relax in. Whether you are coming in to take an hour for yourself to relax, work on a specific issue like sore neck or shoulder, get help for your tension headaches, or in for your regular monthly maintenance massage or perhaps looking to book your first prenatal massage, you will be happy with your treatment. We love the Junction/High Park neighbourhood that we are located in and are happy to recommend other health practitioners, shops and cafes in the area! Come join us at The Nurture Nook - a cozy little nook filled with kindness, nurturing and healing in this big city. 

Hours & Rates

The Nurture Nook  

173 High Park Ave, Toronto 





Address details will be attached to booking confirmation and reminder messages.

45 min - $110
60 min - $130
75 min - $150
90 min - $180

*Cancellation Policy
Accepting cash and e-transfers